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How Women Manage That Elusive Work-Life Balance During The Lockdown !!!

It has never been easy for women to balance a rewarding career and a blissful family life. It still is not because being a full-time working mom comes with cycles of stress and guilt for not being able to spend equal time at work and home. This being said, it is the 21st century and ladies from all walks of life choose to have it all - joyful families, thriving careers and some time for themselves. Earlier, they could either walk into their offices, or into their kitchens, and they were two different persons in each of these places with a clear plan. But now, the ‘transition’ is unutterably lost. They are in a meeting and in the kitchen. They handle homework and check a thesis at the same time. Flexible timings are a big equalizer for a woman and help avoid losing traction in her career during the caregiving years. Imagine an organization looking for an organized, solution-oriented, empathetic individual who is capable of making human connections when working from home? Who com
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What should you look forward from your HR Service Provider ?

Human resource is where nearly all activities of an organization revolve around in any  organization .  Professional HR Service Provider [HRSP] should perform lot of roles and functions in an organization towards the attainment of business objectives and goals in order to drive organization’s overall growth.  HR service providers in general have varied roles to play in meeting up with various agendas set forth by the management and at the same time should be performed professionally to meet the set objectives without much deviation. HRSP should be all of these: 1.  SME: An HRSP should be a subject matter expert in all things HR. Be it Selection, Recruitment, Training and Development, Payroll, Compliance, Compensation Benefits, Employee Engagement and much more, its imperative that a Service Provider is an expert in each of these activities corresponding to what we actually consider them for.   2.  Trusted Strategic Partner: HRSPs should be able to part

Background Verification Check Service

With the job market improving and employers being under pressure to hire, many are spicing up their resumes. They know employers don't have time to verify everything they read. Candidates are faking their skills, degrees and even employment history. One in every three resumes screened has at least one discrepancy. Background Verification Services [BVS] has become an inevitable part of the recruitment procedure. There is a lot of investment in money, time and manpower during the process of recruiting an employee. Once recruited, the person becomes a face representing your company. Thus, any flaw in verifying and recruiting the right kind of person would mean losses to the company in ways more than one. It is not just a concern about the entire effort wasted in employing the wrong person, but more so a matter of the company losing its credibility and value! Apart from the business concerns, Background Verification has also become vital for the safety of the existing employees

Recruitment Service

Recruitment and retaining of good talent has become extremely challenging and complex. Finding the right resources to fill critical roles defines your teams' impact and ultimately the difference between success and failure of your company. In an increasingly competitive world, there are niche areas where only a chosen few can work; our consultants help you find the right people for these specialized jobs. Voltech by virtue of its professional image is able to source and employ such specialists, deploy them in your organization to fill your HR requirements. Our consultants are skilled to provide appropriate HR support throughout the period of staffing of these professionals in your organization. We have a strong team of HR professionals who can cater to the variant set outsourced HR needs.  Our professionals manage the entire work sincerely right from short listing candidates to conducting interviews. The services are offered at cost effective rates within short span of time.

Voltech HR Services

               At Voltech HR Services Pvt Ltd (VHRS) we are into total HR services ranging from Recruitment services [both domestic and overseas], Training and Development, Payroll Management, Event management, Statutory and Staffing Services, Quality Management System Consultation, Background Verification Service, Creative &Gifting, HR Research & Data Analysis, Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting Services. We have a strong team of HR professionals who can cater to the variant set outsourced HR needs of our client with our core specialization in providing any kind of HR services for any type of industry.                With our wide range of network across 12 offices internationally and 10 branch office across the country, we are well equipped to deliver outsourced HR services from different locations. With the support of our pool of experienced advisory board with each members having a minimum of 25+ years of experience in different industries we can support compani